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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another crappy day….pun intended

This is not a good day. Dragged myself out of bed this morning. Two hour delay for the school district so I crawled back to bed. Dragged myself out of bed again. I started off with just joint pain but its joint pain that is off the charts. Almost brought me to tears today. The monster in my gut seemed to be sleeping but now it is stirring too. GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!

I scheduled my colonoscopy (woop) for March 1st. I am anxious to see if there has been any improvement since being on the Cimzia. I have a bad feeling that the Cimzia is what is causing the horrible joint pain. I have had joint pain for many years but never ever this bad and earlier this month when I had to postpone my injections because of my head cold I noticed my joints were starting to feel better. When my head cold was gone I got my injections and a few days later the joint pain was back. I tried to get an appointment with the rheumatoid doc. today but silly me I called during their hour and a half lunch time. I couldn’t call back because I had to drag myself to the high school and work the concession stand, although if it weren’t for my commitment to help the coach I would probably never leave the house. How sad is that! So I will try to call the doctor tomorrow. Better days are coming…..Right???

Love, laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is


Ragamuffin said...

i had the same trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning. but after i got into bed again, i failed to make it to my destination :) it is an accomplishment to have made it out of the cave on such days. feel good about that!

Sweetpea said...

Thank you Ragamuffin