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  • Home Sweet Home
  • When I'm @ someones house: the one farthest away from the crowd
  • @ the Mall: Macy's (as public bathrooms go this one is very nice)
  • If I can't make it to Macy's...JC Penney's will have to do (they recently remodeled so it is better than it was. I don't know why they didn't ask for my input???)
  • Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Monroeville has a great bathroom
  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, My fav place to vacation, their rooms have the most wonderful bathrooms

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Know You Have IBD When:

This has made its way around the internet so you may have seen it already but it is always good for a laugh. Leave me a comment and let me know which #s describe you to a tee…enjoy

You Know You Have IBD When:

1. You know where all the cleanest restrooms are, and have favorites.
2. You're always being told, "I don't think you should eat that ."
3. You hear people say, well you don't look sick.
4. You can slam your foot, hand, or whatever in a car door and it really does not hurt, cause you are used to pain that makes that seem like nothing.
5. You have a good idea what it would be like to actually starve.
6. You have favorite toilet paper.
7. You have more photos of your insides than the outside.
8. You have a favorite arm for i.v's.
9. You know that wearing white could be a really big mistake.
10. It makes you happy to go any number less then 15 times a day.
11. You have a favourite Ensure flavor.
12. People ask about your guts before they ask about your family.
13. Most of your shopping cart is toilet paper/cottonelle wipes.
14. The world falls out of your bottom, rather than the other way round.
15. You always have wet wipes and tissues with you.
16. You give directions via toilets rather than by pubs.
17. Your friends and family know how things are by looking at your plate.
18. Your closet contains more stretch pants than jeans.
19. You can be sexy looking in the morning and seem 5 months pregnant by afternoon.
20. You can think about eating something and know whether or not it will come back at you.
21. You need a closet to organize your prescription meds.
22. You can outburp a truck driver.
23. You name and talk to your toilet.
24. You are a guy and you now understand natural childbirth.
25. You are a mom and you wait to drink your coffee or eat until
your kids are at school already.
26. You are told how great you look as you near deaths door.
27. Are up all night organizing the house on steroids.
28. Someone says, oh yes I have IBS too!
29. You hit your 8th grade weight.
30. You talk to your doctor more than your spouse.
31. The lab tech knows you by name.
32. The pharmacist sends you a thank you card.
33. You have to fast for 3 hours prior to make it through the grocery store.

Love, laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is


Sweetpea said...

Numbers: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 19, 20, 25, 26, 29, and 33 describe me to a tee :)

Jim Bell said...

2,3,6,8,20,22,31. Along with preference on the IV, you forgot preference which vein to draw blood from. Great list.

Lindsey said...

word. I totally understand. I gave up on coffee. But man it sucks when you are SO hungry but eat like a couple of bites and off to the bathroom in pain. Ugh.