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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News and Some Other Stuff:

First things first…Thank you to all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers while I went through my prep and colonoscopy. Your support means the world to me and helps me get through the tough times.

So I made it through my prep day although I must say I almost did not keep the phosphate toxic crap down. I’m gagging right now just thinking about it. Also a friend just enlightened me on the dangers of drinking this horrible stuff so guess what my dear GI doctor…I will never drink it again. So unless you come up with a better way (which my friend has already told me about but don’t tell my doc) you better enjoy this peek inside me because it might be your last…. In case you are wondering I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE HIS LAST!!! Okay to the good news… The scope went well from beginning to end hahahaha no pun intended. What I mean is the nurse had no problem starting the IV. I was a little worried when I heard those dreaded words “Your veins are so small”. In my experience those words are usually followed by a traumatic needle experience. She flicked and slapped, and rubbed, and flicked and slapped, and rubbed my right arm then went over and flicked and slapped, and rubbed, and flicked and slapped, and rubbed my left arm. So I held my breath and prayed and she did fine, got it in on the first try (sigh of relief). Then my favorite person came in…the anesthesiologist woop. She talked to me for a bit then did her thing and the next thing you know I woke up and it was over (another sigh of relief). Then the doctor gave me the good news…Normal mucosa in the whole colon! The ulceration, granularity, friability and congestion at the resection area that was seen on my previous scope has healed. The Cimzia is helping PTL!!! I have been so discouraged lately with all the fatigue and joint pain that seems to be a side effect of the Cimzia (for me) and not really knowing if the Cimzia was helping. Now I at least know that it is helping.
So here is the plan…

More blood work to re-check B12, and CBC, and check Vit D level to try to resolve the fatigue issue.

Since I still haven’t heard from the Rheumatoid Doctors office about when he can see me my GI Doc is going to contact them to see if he can get me in soon. He is hoping the rheumatoid doc can help me with the joint pain and find out if it is a side effect of the Cimzia.

I am also going to see the Nutrition Doctor again for help with diet and vitamins (B12, D, and whatever else I might need).
I hope I can get some quick answers because it is March and if you know me you know what that means!!! It’s almost baseball season and I NEED to go to ALL my boys games….PLEASE!!!

Which brings me to the other stuff…..BASEBALL. The title of this blog really should be Crohns and baseball lives with me. Like I said its March so here we go. J will be headed to FL for his spring training and his first game will be on Saturday. I really really wish I could be there. He is so excited because Coach R wants him to pitch more this year. He always did a lot of pitching from little league thru high school and for his summer travel AAU teams, but he was recruited as a 3rd baseman so his coach wasn’t even aware that he pitched till the end of last season. I hope he does well in FL.
B’s high school season is due to start with his first scrimmage game on March 18th. There’s only one problem. There is still 2 feet of snow on all the baseball fields in the area??? I did get some other good news today though. Mr. FF (use your imagination) will NOT be helping with the team (jumping for joy). It’s a very very long story but Mr. FF is someone that I hate. Yes I Hate!!! He has done some awful things in the past (as a so called coach) and therefore I do not want him anywhere near my kids. Long story short, even though everyone in this baseball area hates him no one has ever had the “hardware” to tell the man NO except my husband (a few years back). So when Mr. FF didn’t get his way he spent the next 2 years trying to keep my kids from playing baseball and my husband from coaching baseball. Now he has wormed his way into the coaching staff at the high school but it appears that the head coach has come to his senses and is not going to have him be a part of the varsity teams staff as originally planned. (Jumping for joy again). Well that’s all for now. I will be sure to keep you posted with updates of both J and B’s seasons!!!

Love, laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

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