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Friday, March 12, 2010

Me and the Restaurant Scene!!!

I love going out to eat. The food, the company, the conversation, the atmosphere can all be very enjoyable. Unless……

For some reason I am ALWAYS the innocent victim of someone else’s clumsiness and/or stupidity or carelessness in restaurants. Here are just a few examples plus two victims who sat across from me:

Lot 17: Our waiter walks towards our table with a tray of food that includes a lovely honey mustard dip for my nephews sweet potato fries. He bobbles the tray, the cup of dip slides off the tray hitting the floor and splattering all over me.

Damons: Waitress brings our food trying to juggle too many plates one tips and everything is in my lap. Free meal….thanks and how about my dry cleaning???

Lone Star Steak House: Eating my salad and I crunch on something hard and sharp that jabs me in the tongue. I’m thinking great now I have to spit my food out to see what the heck this is. Spit it out…..its a piece of glass. Needless to say my meal was free but somehow I did not have much of an appetite left. They also gave me coupons for just about everything free for my next visit…..ummm I don’t think I’ll be back.

Monterey Bay Mt. Washington: Sitting eating my salad, waitress is walking by with a tray of empty glasses, guy at the next table pops up out of his seat, hits the tray, the glasses land on our table right in front of me, shattering, glass in my food and all over me.

Monterey Bay Monroeville: Waitress walks by with a pitcher of ice water, trips, dumps the whole pitcher down my back….why me!!!!!!!!

Eat and Park: Dead fly in my food ….nough said (except don’t ever eat there again)

Bob Evens (Ohio): Waitress brings my blueberry crape, juggling to many plates, plate tips, blueberries and whipped cream splatter right in the middle of the table between me and J….gets us both….I think J has just inherited my curse. Or maybe its just because he was with ME.

Apple B’s: Out for a nice lunch with my sister-in-law, my two nieces, and my beautiful great niece. This time my niece is sitting across from me. Waitress brings her a cup of coffee and spills it in her lap. When she came back to take our lunch order I told her that my niece would prefer her meal on a plate.

Haha this is the story of my life when I dare to eat out hahaha. Next time I will tell you the ridiculous things that have happened to me in public bathrooms hahaha if there is a crazy person in the building (female or male) I am not kidding you they ultimately will follow me into the ladies room hahaha.

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

that's just crazy. I went to lonestar like twice and wasnt impressed either time. Maybe you should order out;)