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  • When I'm @ someones house: the one farthest away from the crowd
  • @ the Mall: Macy's (as public bathrooms go this one is very nice)
  • If I can't make it to Macy's...JC Penney's will have to do (they recently remodeled so it is better than it was. I don't know why they didn't ask for my input???)
  • Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Monroeville has a great bathroom
  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, My fav place to vacation, their rooms have the most wonderful bathrooms

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh My Gosh…..

Oh My Gosh…..I’m finally done with the Media Guide (takes a bow)! Its on a disk and I’m taking it to the printer today and NO ONE can stop me!!! Not players with late ads…Hello this fundraiser started Feb. 2nd and all ads were due Feb. 23rd and poor little johnie is still giving me ads on March 24th aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg. Not Coaches who can’t seem to find the time to give the information I’ve asked 50 times for. Sorry it’s not going in. Why? Why you ask? Because of the yellers. Because of the yellers I decided that I would do it their way. Because for the previous two baseball seasons I have been the nice one waiting and waiting for players and parents and coaches to cooperate with me and give me what I need. I didn’t want to publish the media guide without yours and yours and your sons picture or profile or ads. I didn’t want to leave out the New Coaches profile or the returning Coaches updated information. I wanted to have a good team picture with all players not just half. So for the past two seasons I have put up with the yelling and moaning and groaning of people who love love love to complain. The people who just can’t keep their mouth shut - until you ask for volunteers. You know the ones. The ones who yell the loudest and do the least. They insist that it be done and to the printer by today no matter what is missing. Well you yellers have gotten your wish and the media guide will go to the printer today and guess what….there are names missing and pictures missing and profiles missing but hey that’s ok right. Right, until you realize that something about your son has been left out. So now I’ll get yelled at for that. It’s a no win situation but I’m ready for you. My answer to you is “Oh your son isn’t in there, oh that information isn’t correct or up to date….Sorry they didn’t meet your deadline”.

Oh My Gosh…..Someone please explain to me why….WHY….just when you think things might be improving (Crohns) something else gets worse. Just when you think one area is healing (Crohns) something else flares. Just when you think one medicine is helping (Crohns) another one fails or has an awful side effect. Up down, up down! Crohns is such a rollercoaster and I want to get off. The latest up is that I think being on the vitamin D and B12 (for only a week and a half) is helping. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have my energy back but I’m not so exhausted that I feel like I’m going to pass out or throw up. I’m also having fewer headaches. Now here comes the butt (pun intended:). The latest down. My abscess/fistula which hasn’t bothered me in a long time (and I was just saying to someone that is has been great, no problems, the setons keep it under control. I swear that beast in my gut has ears). Well last Friday it got real bad. Pain like I haven’t had in a long time and closed…I usually have a little bit of drainage…no drainage at all. Of course being Friday evening I can’t call the doctor but I had some Cipro in the house so I started taking that. Fortunately Saturday it started to drain a lot. The pain continued till about Monday and has been off and on since. Btw, if you are wondering, its on today.

Oh My Gosh….B had his first scrimmage game a few days ago. I went, I saw, I took lots of pictures. He played well. I really enjoyed seeing him play again. He has been mentioned in a few local newspaper and online articles in the past few days. I will do a separate blog post with some of those highlights. I am so proud of him. J also had another game the other day. I wasn’t able to go because I had to get the blasted media guide done. Of course since I wasn’t there he pitched. They won! Woop! He closed the game. Three up three down. Awesome!!! I am so proud of him too. (see some pics from B's game below)

Again, thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for my family. My father in law continues to decline a little bit each day. They are saying that he may only live a few more days but I know from experience it can be a few more hours, days, or weeks. We know that it is in God’s hands and trust in his plans for us all. The nurses continue to keep him comfortable. He rarely opens his eyes and only takes a few bites of soft food a day. He sometimes responds to our voices and attempts to communicate but is not able to. Your thoughts and prayers are a blessing to us and very much appreciated.
Well that’s all for now. So until next time…..

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

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