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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To the Doctors…Again!!!

I think I spend more time with doctors then I do with my family. I know that can’t be true but that’s how it feels sometimes. So in case you haven’t guessed I went to the doctor’s office yesterday. This was supposed to be my yearly check up/yearly TB test. The office called me last week to tell me that my doctor was going to be out of town this week so I could either reschedule or see the Nurse Practitioner. I choose to keep my appointment and see the Nurse Practitioner. I had some second thoughts in the morning thinking that I would be wasting my time and that I should just cancel and reschedule with my doctor when he gets back but I went. I went and I’m so glad I did. She was absolutely wonderful. Not that I don’t like my doctor, I like him a lot. He has always been wonderful but she was WOW. I talked to her about everything that has been going on lately, all the Crohns problems, GYN problems, and Cimzia problems. She had a very interesting take on all of it. She does not think it’s the Cimzia at all that is causing all the joint pain and headaches, and fatigue. She believes that it is hormonal, perimenopause to be exact. Now normally I would have been very insulted by such a diagnosis. After all I am still way way way to young for that (stop right there those of you who are tempted to leave a comment with malicious facts when the truth is I have always done things ahead of my time why should this be any different…so there). Okay back to the point, I am not insulted because I’m thankful for any answer that explains the problems and any help that can be received. Joint pain, fatigue, bad headaches can all increase from the hormonal changes. She is also sure that the joint pain is also Rheumatoid Arthritis (not the Cimzia) I also have swollen lymph nodes in my neck but no sign of infection. Apparently this can also be a sign of Rheumatoid Arthritis. My other doctors have been telling me that my B12 levels are fine but she feels that by the new standard my level is too low and I should be getting the shots. She also agrees that my vit D level needs to be checked. I go back Thursday morning for a boat load of blood work. She is going to check everything. When I go back on Thursday I am going to schedule a follow up with her so I can find out exactly what my results were and what I need to do. I think I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel………I hope it’s not a train!

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Lindsey said...

Oh wow my stepmom has RA, a lot of the meds are used for crohns too. Which is weird, but I guess not that weird when you think about it. Good thing you kept your appt! Good luck:)