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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sister + Baked Goods + More than one Bathroom = A Lovely Day!

This past Wednesday I had a Gluten Free Baking Day (hopefully the first of many) with my sister. Sister + Baked Goods + More than one Bathroom = A Lovely Day! Of course as usual it was one of those slow moving nausea mornings so I was late getting there. Sis already had the cookies done and the cornbread ready to go in the oven. That’s ok because my favorite part is eating everything! I jumped right in and mixed up some banana bread and then some banana muffins.

Here are the mixes we used and our results:

Betty Crocker GF Cookie mix: I have used this mix before but I just made bar cookies because I was too lazy to do the scoop and drop and bake routine. So it was nice to see that they scoop and drop and bake well. When I made the bar cookies they were kind of on the crumbly side but the cookies held together well and tasted good. (Not nearly as good as my sister in laws chocolate chip cookies mind you but hers are the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world so everyone just throw in your towel now. Btw anytime I am in the same room with RS’s chocolate chip cookies I will cheat and eat…just saying) I don’t know if its just me but I feel like some of these mixes have more sugar in them then their gluten sisters. If you have an opinion on this please share it with me.

Gluten Free Pantry Yankee Corn Bread Mix: This mix baked up nicely also. A whole stick of butter for this small size corn bread seemed like a lot but it did taste good. I’ve tried the Red Mill Corn Bread Mix and I liked that a little better.

Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix: We used this Baking Mix to make the Banana Bread and the Banana Muffins. Out of all 4 treats I liked the Banana Muffins the best with the Banana Bread coming in at a close second. We used the recipes on the back of the bag. Very quick and easy to mix up and tasted great.

Here are the finished products:

Eventually we hope to forgo the mixes and start baking from scratch. This should be less expensive and hopefully even tastier. If you have any great recipes please, please feel free to share them and I will do the same.

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

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