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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of Good Stuff

Well the end of my week was somewhat uneventful compared to the three days of birthday celebrating. The good news is that my tummy has settled down and the benefits of my Gluten Free diet have kicked back in. It’s clear that when I’m having a flare even the GF can’t help me but that’s ok because it’s helping me the rest of the time.

Btw have I told you how wonderful my family is? They are so loving and supportive. They are always looking out for me. My beautiful niece K just gave me some very good GF news so I looked up the details so that I could share it with you:

Gluten-Free Bun Available at Every Eat’n Park!

We have an exciting announcement for our guests who have celiac disease: we now have a gluten-free bun available in all of our restaurants! This new rice/tapioca-based bun is similar to an Italian-style roll, and we think you’re going to love it. Unlike some other gluten-free breads, it doesn’t have a dry, crumbly texture. In fact, it’s delicious!

We’ve always done our best of cater to our guests’ various dietary needs, and the back of our menu is a great resource for anyone on a low-calorie, reduced-sodium, vegetarian, or celiac-friendly diet. However, for those with gluten allergies, this new bun opens up a whole new world of celiac-friendly possibilities at Eat’n Park.

Below is a list of our menu items that can now be enjoyed gluten-free with the substitution of the new bun:

Black Angus American Grill Burger
Black Angus BBQ Bacon and Cheddar Burger
Classic Black Angus Burger
Classic Black Angus Cheeseburger
Black Angus Superburger
Black Angus Mushroom and Onion Burger

Philly Steak and Cheese
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
Santa Fe Turkey and Bacon
Chicken and Portobella Hoagie

Breakfast Sandwiches:
All-American Scrambler
Texas-Sized Scrambler
Skinny Scrambler

Just ask your server to substitute the new bun with your next meal, and as always, be sure let him or her know if you have a gluten allergy, so that we can avoid cross-contact with gluten ingredients when preparing your meal.

On the vitamin front I am wondering if the D3 tablets are absorbing properly. Since I’ve switched from the 50,000 IU D to the D3 I have started having the morning nausea, fatigue, and headaches again. The morning nausea is the worst of these three things. I wake up feeling so sick I have no choice but to go back to bed. Blah! I am going to switch to the liquid D3 and see if that works better.

Baseball News: B is recovering from a hamstring pull and was not able to play yesterday or today. Depending on how he is feeling he may get to play Monday or Wednesday. J and his team continue to do well. His games were away today (NY to be exact) so I didn’t get to go.

While you are here please check out the new link on the right for the Take Steps For Crohns & Colitis. I am so excited to be raising money for such an important cause and to be walking this year with my family. If you are able to please walk with us, make a small donation, and/or pray for the members of our team.

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is


Lindsey said...

you own a resturant? that is so cool. what's it like? never done glutten free but that is laziness and unwilingness to give up more food :)

kelly said...

Hey! I've meant to leave a comment and now I'm finally doing it! I love your sense of humor - it really makes my day. Glad you had a good birthday, too! The GF diet sounds better when you talk about it than what I've thought of it as. I don't think I have the guts to try it, though... :)