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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bagels and Danish and Cake oh my!!!

I was so bad last week. You already know that my father in law passed away last Monday. The same day that B left for his high school spring training baseball trip to SC. The viewing did not start till Thursday (to give out of town family and friends time to arrive) so we climbed in the car Tuesday morning and drove to SC to bring B home. It was actually a nice distraction. B got to be there for a few games and we got to see his first home run of the season. That was for you Grandpap! The only problem was eating. When you have Crohns eating on the go can be a real problem and I discovered the hard way that when you are on a gluten free diet it’s even harder. Next time I travel I will make sure I take lots of safe snacks with me. We left Wednesday after B’s game and got home about 1:30 Thursday morning. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were of course very busy and so many loving family and friends brought lots of wonderful food to us. Lots of wonderful gluten foods and I ate some of them. Somehow a lot of the Bagels and Danish and Cake (oh my) ended up at my house and I couldn’t resist. I ate some more. At first it didn’t seem to bother me too much and then wham it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I started feeling absolutely horrible. I hate throwing good food away and hubby and B won’t eat it so I told hubby “You have to get all this gluten out of the house…Take it to work with you PLEASE” and he did and they gobbled it up! So I am back on track and slowly starting to feel better. Another lesson learned. I’m going to stock up on gluten free foods and snacks for the unexpected trip. This will be also be helpful during baseball season when we are spending entire weekends at baseball fields with concession stands full of gluten. Whole Foods here I come!!!

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Ragamuffin said...

My warmest condolences for the loss of your father in law, which I failed to convey when you announced it.

I have a very hard time letting "good" food get tossed as well. My fiance is generally the perfect disposal, as he can eat anything I can't (sweets, pizza). However, this skill does not apply to healthier foods (salad, raw veggies, etc.). And since I can't let veggies go unloved, I end up eating them and suffering and them using my pain to try to guilt him into eating healthier :) It's a neat training trick... occasionally, it works.

Lindsey said...

Condolences for your father in law as well. I'm a bad blog buddy so I didn't get to either:(

I am so totally when I am done with food I like to just toss it, but I do have to constantly have drinks around me. Luckily thom saves food since I eat a bit and want more later which saves money haha.

Good luck on the baseball season. Love watching baseball in person:) Also am I the only crohnie not on glutten free? It seems too hard for a lazy crohnie.

Sweetpea said...

Thank you Ragamuffin and Lindsey you are both great blog buddies! That is a neat training trick R. No worries L it took me 20 years to be ready to try a diet lol. I love food!