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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nausea Be Gone and stay gone!!!

Well I hope everyone who is a mom had a wonderful Mothers Day yesterday…I know I did. Where else would a baseball mom spend mother’s day but on a baseball field? Yes J had a double header and he even pitched so it was a great day for me. After the games we went out for a nice dinner with another baseball mom and her family.

I have been feeling a bit better these past couple days. Less nausea YAY! I had been experiencing some other symptoms that I didn’t share with you. Mainly because I just didn’t want to think about it anymore then I had too. This horrible nausea has been accompanied by some occasional light headed episodes. One night about 3 weeks ago I had a major episode where I got so nauseous and light headed I wasn’t sure if I would throw up or pass out or both. I made it to my bed but my hubby said I was so pale. He went and got his blood pressure cuff and took my blood pressure. It was extremely low. The nausea and light headed symptoms passed and my pressure (which is always low to begin with) went back to normal. A few days later I mentioned this to my sister-in-law and she was very concerned and told me if it happened again I was to go right to the ER. She also insisted that I monitor my blood pressure in the morning and at bedtime. I did this and it was always normal. I continued to have the bad nausea in the mornings and occasional moments of light headedness (mild compared to that one night). R came over last week and gave me my Cimzia shots and checked my blood pressure. I showed her the results of my monitoring and she told me to start checking it when I had the mild episodes. Shortly after she left I had a mild episode and….you guessed it, very low. Must check with my doctor. R discussed this with her co-workers (doctors office) the next day and they looked at the new vitamins (B12, D, digestive enzymes) I started taking about two months ago (which is when the nausea got really bad). They recommended I stop taking the digestive enzyme. So I stopped the next day. The nausea has slowly gotten better and today for the first time in a long time I have not had any nausea yet and I haven’t felt light headed or a drop in blood pressure since??? I will still mention this to my doctor next week when I go for my blood work results but I hope this is the end of these symptoms. Now to get rid of the fatigue (which has improved since the B12 and D) and headaches and I’ll be a happy camper!!! Thankfully the joint pain is still gone with only mild pain here and there.

Well Spring Baseball Season is over for both J and B. Here is the good the bad and the ugly of the 2010 College and High School Season:
First of all Congratulations to CC for winning the AAAA Section 4 Title and you’re going to the playoffs…..YAY!!! KEEP WINNING! We have many friends on this team.

Section 4: (Section Record) (Overall Record)
#-PH Indians : (9-3) (12-5)
#-PCC Vikings : (9-3) (11-5)
*-P Mustangs : (8-4) (14-5)
x-G Gators : (7-5) (11-7)
x-FR Panthers : (5-7) (8-8-1)
x-WH Wolverines : (3-9) (5-12)
x-MK Tigers : (1-11) (3-14)

There we are in second to last place :(
B fought a hamstring injury all year and his cyst is back…more surgery in August :( He did make the Baseball Statistical Leaders:

Baseball Statistical Leaders
Friday, May 07, 2010
(Minimum 32 at-bats)

Name, School AB H Avg
BT, WHHS 33 17 .515

18 -- BT, WHHS.

J’s team qualified for the Quarter Finals but unfortunately lost both games yesterday. I did get to see J pitch one last time as a sophomore so I was happy about that. Most of you know I always sit behind third base (sometimes behind first) and take pictures but at J’s games I usually only take pictures of the game when he is pitching and he closed the first game. I still hang out at third base but my presence was requested in the bleachers for the second game because there was a very rude loud obnoxious parent from the other team annoying my favorite LRC parents. Now those of you who have seen me in action can sympathize with the poor man. While my cheers are never rude I can be very loud and annoying when I want to be. Let me just say he only lasted for 2 innings….I lasted all 7 hahaha.

Category Leaders


The Automated ScoreBook
Pitching Leaders for LRC (as of May 10, 2010)
(All games)

Hitting minimums - 1 Games
Pitching minimums - 1 Games

Opposing bat avg
Cory.......... .154
Jeremy....... .200
JJ.......... .206
Anthony..... .227
Adam......... .236

George........ 4
James...... 1
JJ.......... 1

Innings pitched
Addison.... 56.2
James...... 46.1
Adam......... 41.2
Reed...... 40.0
JJ.......... 17.1

Games finished
George........ 8
JJ.......... 6
Justin....... 6
Reed...... 4
2 tied at........... 2

Games in relief
Justin....... 10
George........ 9
JJ.......... 8
Reed...... 5
2 tied at........... 4

Hit batters
Adam......... 8
Reed...... 7
Addison.... 6
JJ.......... 4
James...... 4

Batters SO out looking
Addison.... 16
Adam......... 8
James...... 7
JJ.......... 6
George........ 5

Sac bunts allowed
JJ.......... 3
Addison.... 3
James...... 2
Adam......... 1

Home runs allowed
Nate......... 0
Cory.......... 0
Justin...... 0
JJ.......... 0
John........ 0

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

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