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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday was Fabulous! Monday was Horrible!

Guess what I got on my Fabulous Friday

My free sample of rice cakes…Three…3…yes three different kinds of Quaker Gluten Free Rice Cakes. Lightly salted, caramel corn and apple cinnamon. I’ve tried the apple cinnamon already and I love them. At first I was thinking I’m sure these are ok but I bet I’m going to need to spread something on them to give them a little boast but what??? Nope they are very very good all by themselves.

Saturday was very rainy but relaxing. Sunday was sunny and warm and we spent the day doing more yard work and vacuuming the pool. That may sound like work but it really feels good to stand by the pool in the warm sun and guide the vacuum around. Yes I know the vacuum should go around on its own but it always goes in the same pattern and misses spots or gets stuck somewhere or clogged.

Well thank goodness for fabulous Friday and relaxing Saturday and Sunday because Monday….yeah Monday was just plain horrible! CT Scan horrible, contrast drinking injecting gagging horrible.

Wake up…No food for you.

Arrive at hospital…wait…fill out forms…wait…register…wait…get forms back…wait…get IV started

Drink 3 bottles of contrast similar to this (my bottles were bigger about 32oz each I think blah)

Gag, gag, gag, gag, almost throw up, squeeze hubs fingers off, gag, gag, tantrum, gag, gag, almost throw up, beg hubs to drink some for me but even my most pathetic face can’t convince him (can’t say I blame him), gag, gag, must find bathroom (over about 45 min.) (vow [like I always do during this test] that I will NEVER have this test again)

Wait…(about 25 min)

Climb onto machine similar to this


Injected with contrast similar to this

Scaned again

IV removed

All done

Must find bathroom

Home sweet home…eat…bed…nauseous the rest of the day…I hate Crohns

Love, Laugh and Always know where the nearest bathroom is…

1 comment:

Ragamuffin said...

but tuesday and wednesday were just as awesome as saturday and sunday, right??

our mondays were similar, although my intermittent gagging was not due to contrast and i did not go through the machine, so i suppose i win.

so sorry you're having a bad episode while trying so hard to keep your diet mild.