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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

College Baseball Season Has Come and Gone.

Here we are in May already and J and B's college baseball season has ended. They had another great season taking 2nd place in the regular season and second place in the Championship. J is a senior so this was his last season of baseball at LRC. He has spent most of the season teaching himself how to pitch differently...sidearm...due to the problems with his shoulder. He pitched for the first time last Saturday (it was also Senior Day). He did very well. It is amazing to me that he can change just about everything and still be able to throw strikes. God has blessed him with so much talent. He has graduated with a degree in business management and a minor in marketing. We are so proud of him.

B has had a good season also (when he was able to play).

B started the season with high hopes. He was named to the Collegiate Baseball's NCAA Division III Players to Watch list. Entering the 2013 campaign after a fantastic freshman season that earned him ECAC and AMCC Rookie of the Year honors and a spot on the AMCC All-Conference Second Team. He led the Redhawks in runs, hits, doubles, RBI's, and total bases and ranked in the AMCC's top 10 in batting average, on base percentage, hits, and RBI's.

Unfortunately this season he is only leading the team in injuries :(

Right off the bat (pun intended) in the very first inning of the very first game of the season he sprained his ankle sliding into 2nd base. They were playing on a turf field and his spikes got caught on the turf and his ankle and foot did not quite make it to the base with the rest of his body...ouch!

He rehabed with the trainer and used an ankle brace and the team (and hubby and I) headed to FL for a week of spring training. Towards the end of the week he played about 3 innings but tweaked it so back to ice and rest and rehab. As soon as his ankle was better he started playing again and was doing great.

He was named the AMCC Player of the Week and LRC's athlete of the week for the week of April 1, 2013.
For that week he hit .545 (6 for 11) with 5 RBI's, 3 runs, and 2 doubles in a 2-1 week. He went 3 for 5 against #7 Marietta, with 2 RBI and 2 doubles. In a sweep over Pitt-Greensburg, he hit .500 with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored.

Then in a game shortly after that he dove for a ball and hurt his hip. The trainer diagnosed a hip flexor pull and he was back to rest and rehab. After about 10 days he was feeling great and started playing again. 2 games in Erie on April 18th and then home for a double header on the 20th. The night before he had a little bit of swelling on the hip but he said it felt fine. He showed the trainer and since it didn't hurt at all and he could hit and run and play the base without any problem he played. He was doing fine till he dove for a ball landing on that hip. It was soar so he only hit in the next game and then pulled himself because it was hurting. He wanted to wait till the next day to have it looked at but I made him come home so I could take him to the urgent care near us. By the time he got home he could barely walk and the swelling was really bad so I took him to the hospital instead. They X-rayed the hip, the bone was fine. They gave him crutches and instructed him to ice it and keep it elevated. They said if it wasn't better in a few days to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. I didn't wait. I called and got him in to be seen the next day. They did more x-rays that were inconclusive so the doctor ordered an MRI of the hip and femur. The MRI confirmed her suspicions that he had a degloving injury. The muscle separated from the fascia and blood and fluid filled a large pocket in-between. (very rare for a baseball injury). This explains the huge swelling and the bruising was horrible. She tried to drain it but it was too thick. She wanted him compress the area and gave him a large ace bandage wrap and told him to also wear compression shorts. He was given exercises to do and he started seeing the trainer everyday to get deep tissue massage (he said this was very painful) and ultrasound to break up the fluid so that it would absorb quicker. After about a week and a half the swelling and bruising were so much better and he was able to hit in the last couple games of the season. So now he and J are home for the summer YAY. I love having them home.

So that's pretty much been my life the past 3 months. We just need to get the pool open and then it will be officially summer at our house.

Love, Laugh, and always know where the nearest bathroom is

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