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Favorite Bathrooms

  • Home Sweet Home
  • When I'm @ someones house: the one farthest away from the crowd
  • @ the Mall: Macy's (as public bathrooms go this one is very nice)
  • If I can't make it to Macy's...JC Penney's will have to do (they recently remodeled so it is better than it was. I don't know why they didn't ask for my input???)
  • Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Monroeville has a great bathroom
  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, My fav place to vacation, their rooms have the most wonderful bathrooms

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring had sprung/Bathroom reviews

Coming home from 2 weeks in FL to this beautiful spring weather has been so wonderful. Going to baseball games and not freezing...priceless. The boys continued to play well during the rest of their games in FL. The internet connection was horrible at our hotel so I couldn't keep you up to date on the games like I wanted to. It felt so good to be in the sun and between the games and the beach I got myself a nice head start on my summer tan :)

Vero Beach
Vero Beach was so nice. We stayed right on the beach and we were in walking distance of all these great little stores. I was only able to shop at a few of them because most of them are closed by 6pm. But it was nice to window shop after dinner.

Traveling is wonderful but for a crohnie it can be challenging...throw in hours and hours at baseball fields and the challenge can quickly become a nightmare. First of all eating on the run = eating foods that don't like me = pain/discomfort. Then theres the bathroom issue!!! Its hard enough to find clean bathrooms during the road trip but finding them at baseball fields...well lets just say I usually just don't eat. Well not this trip! I not only found many clean bathrooms during our 12 hours of driving (the more I travel the more I get to know the fast food places who have nice bathrooms) but the baseball fields all had REAL bathrooms that were clean and in great working condition. Oh and the one field had a great concession stand that sold all the typical baseball field foods but also sold fruit and vegie trays and granola bars....much better choices for me.

As you know the first week was baseball but the second week hubby was working which means playtime for me :) We left Vero Beach and drove to Ft. Myers for one day and I have to say the holiday inn we stayed in was the nicest holiday inn i've ever stayed in (and I've stayed in lots) Everything clean and new and in the restaurant a complimentary pasta bar with a chef who makes your dish right there and it was goooooood. Service was wonderful! We went to Ft. Myers to visit my cousin and her husband and go to lunch with them. Of course i spied an outlet mall so I went there first :) after racing through as many stores as possible we had a wonderful visit and lunch and then off to Bradenton for a day, dinner with a customer (where I experienced one of the few bad bathrooms of the trip...blah).

Next favorite place...
Ponte Vedra!!!
We usually stay at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Suites but they were completely booked so we stayed at the Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club (first time there for me)

...and I love it there too. Especially for the cooler months and I'll show you why!
(sorry these first two pictures are dark...I was too excited to check my camera settings)

Awesome and comfy window seat with a view of the ocean.

Balcony facing the ocean

A fireplace!!!

Balcony facing....

...the fire pit!

Also a great place to sit in the sun during the day and look out at the ocean.

All that and.....

...a lovely bathroom!!!

Love, Laugh, and Always know where the nearest bathroom is

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Sarah said...

Ooooo, it looks so cozy and nice. I want to go!!!