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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here I am

So… I am….I didn’t get swallowed up by the couch! As a matter of fact I am happy to say I am spending less time on the couch. I had my swap surgery and I’m praying that all the painful stuff is behind me now. I am slowly, slowly getting my energy back. I’ve started exercising again and I will never complain about dragging myself out of bed to exercise. I actually missed it.

As for my behind (and intestine) I am doing pretty well. I’m back to my normal bathroom runs. The four to six times a day seems like nothing compared to the 12 to 16 times a day during the chemo. I’ve stopped taking the flagel and so far the fistula has been calm. I have started the Tamoxifen which is causing horrible hot flashes…blah!

I’ve shared with you many times how much I HATE needles! Well before my swap surgery, when the very nice pre-op nurse came into start my IV she said the words I dread “You have very small veins”. This is never a good sign. So after tap tap tapping my arm and hand she gives it a try in the side of my left hand…strike one! She tries in my right hand…strike two. Sorry Ms. Nice Nurse today rule is two strikes and you’re out. She goes to get another nice nurse who isn’t very confident either but she does get it into my left hand on her first try. Ughhhhhhh!

At least this surgery was not as uncomfortable as the last. My new perky boobs are in and hopefully once the swelling goes down and everything falls into place they will look great (at least under my clothing :)

I am due for an appointment with my GI doc. During my last visit, before all the cancer stuff, he wanted me to have a colonoscopy in March. The last time I talked to the nurse I told her it was going to have to wait. I need a break from poking, prodding, and removing things. She completely understood.

Well it is March already and March for us means BASEBALL. J already went to FL for his spring baseball trip. His team did very well. He has a DH today but it’s away. His first home game is Friday so I’m looking forward to that. B however has his first scrimmage game today Yeah! I am very very excited. They will be playing on the brand new high school turf field.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

Love, Laugh, and Always know where the nearest bathroom is


Ragamuffin said...

you are one tough woman. what obstacles you have come out the other end (no pun intended) having bested! i am in awe. a week "off" before your colonoscopy sounds almost like a vacation... :)

take care.

ALinc said...

Hi. I justfound your blog and I haven't read much at all, but I plan on it. I read your latest post and glad your gi issues are not acting up. Reading the part about the bm's, 4-6 not 12-14 is exactly how I feel too. 6 is nothing compared to my worst times(like 20). Having Crohn's effing sucks and it's nice to read chat listen to people that actually know what i'm talking about and can relate.
I get infusions for iron all the time, i used to get remicade too. So the needle thing. I feel ya. Thank God I can handle needles because that's the only way I can get iron to avoid anemia. Anyway, I usually know right away if the nurse is gonna get the vein and make this an easy, non stressful time for me. If she looks not confident, she will probably be too slow/gentle and lose the vein. I HATE THIS. One nurse almost had it but just needed to push the damn thing a little harder to penetrate the vein. If they go slowly, it's like a little torturous and I dont tolerate it and ask for another nurse if she's really bad. If i'm in a tolerable mood, I give them another shot. If after 2 times you can't get my poppin sweet veins that are screaming "PoKE ME DAMNIT" hhaha I just say "sorry, done with you bruising me, get another nurse to do this" basically i'm a bitch sometimes and when it comes to veins. Mine are some of the best so if they can't get mine, they need more confidence, practice or a new job.
Oh, it also helps not to look while they are placing the iv. IDK why, but it's less stressful and if this makes sense, it's not as painful either. Just dont look next time and i bet it goes smoother.
Okay. I want to read your other stuff, seems like you have lots going on and I'd like to check it out.
Feel free to check out my blogs.

bye bye and feel well

Sweetpea said...

Ragamuffin xoxo!

Alinc, thanks for the comment and follow. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will check yours out too. I envy your bitchiness with the needles…I always feel bad at first saying something to the nurse…I need to get over that!