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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Take Steps, Doctors, Baseball, & What not to wear take 2

Wow I feel like its been a long time since I’ve blogged…I’ve been so busy with baseball and doctors and baseball and doctors and just plain worn out from all of it but I’m still here and I’m still kicking so here is whats been happening:

Back on June 13th we did our Take Steps For Crohns and Colitis Walk. Our team was “Steppin' out for Catherine Sarah” and we had a great time. J and B were able to come with us and my other son (J’s brother from another mother) came with us too. We all met at K’s house and got some hugs and kisses from Pen

and then J drove us down to the CMU parking lot

We hopped on the shuttle bus and headed to the Park for the walk

And walk we did….3 miles….here are some highlights:

Some did a little climbing too!

It was a very nice walk but my suggestion to them would be to pick a level 3 miles for me next time!!! I do not like hills…I cannot walk up hills, no I can’t, I cannot do it they make me pant. Hahaha I thought they were going to have to drag me that last mile but I made it YES I DID.

According to CCFA the Burgh walk was very successful. Over 800 walkers gathered at the Park. So far $175,000 has been raised with more funds still coming in! Thanks again to everyone who walked and donated and supported us and others. I hope we can do it again next year.

So why all the doctor visits??? Well I got my CT Scan results and they saw a few things that needed a closer look so off to more doctors I went and will go. They saw a little something on my uterus so I went to my GYN and he looked over the report and didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about especially since I am not having any pain and he could not feel anything. Still he wanted me to go for an ultra sound just to be sure so I went and had it and while I was at it I had the bone scan that my GI has been wanting me to have (because of taking steroids). The bone scan was fine and the ultra sound showed that I have some fluid in my fallopian tube which at this time doesn’t need anything done about it since I am not planning on having any more children. They also saw what appears to be a cyst in my booby that has filled back up with fluid so I have an appointment with the surgeon to see if it should be drained again or what??? I of course have to follow up with my GI about all of this plus I have some narrowing in what is left of my ileum and a polyp on my gallbladder. I also went back to my PCP because the med that he put me on for my migraines was causing some very strange side effects. The migraines were gone YAY but I felt like I was going crazy. I was having trouble concentrating, remembering things, and getting easily confused and feeling just plain stupid most of the time. So he switched me to a different med. I have to follow up with him in a month to see how that pill is working.

The rest of my time (awake) has been spent at baseball. The past two weeks Brian has had a game every night. He had a wooden bat tournament last weekend, 6 games 3 of which were on Sunday. It was exhausting but worth it because they did very well. They took 2nd place and B had the only homerun of the entire tournament. I was one proud mama. This week B also started a 6 week baseball and condition program. Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 – 11:30 and he had a game every night this week too. He had another tournament this weekend with another 3 games on Sunday and another 2nd place. J has been working at the high school and coaching a local colt baseball team and playing baseball when he can. I got to one of his games so far and watched him coach. That was a lot of fun but strange watching him coach instead of play. I haven’t had a chance to get to one of his games to watch him play yet…hopefully soon. I am feeling rather old these days because J was in his friends wedding this weekend. His friend from high school. Yes one of my sons friends got married. Yes he is only 20 and very young to be getting married but it still makes me feel very very very old. I was at baseball with B so I can’t wait to see the pictures of J in his Tux.

What Not To Wear Update!!!
What not to wear to baseball:

Now I personally think I have a much better figure but I still would not be caught dead out in public wearing this and I think if I did my kids would kill me. No one is safe when I have a camera on me :)

Love, Laugh and Always know where the nearest bathroom is…

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