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Monday, December 30, 2013

The 51 most magical travel moments – by @Cheapflights followers December 30, 2013

I got this tweet today - @ctough24 Yours was one of our 51 most magical travel moments. Thank you :-).

Here is the tweet I entered - @ctough24 ‏After a year of surgery/chemotherapy. On the beach at sunrise. Thankful to God for family and healing and the beauty I’m seeing.

Below is the article with the other winning tweets.

Thank you @Cheapflights

Written by: Oonagh Shiel on December 30, 2013.
Earlier this year we held a competition on Twitter. We asked our followers to tell us their #MagicTravelMoment and their answers were a heart-warming blend of love, travel, family, friendship and adventure.

Here are the 51 most magical travel moments of the past year by our friends:

@ReltinRooy My # MagicTravelMoment was when we flew over Africa on our way to Thailand, what an awesome view and experience. :-)

@DilaraLit A month after wedding, was away from hubby for three weeks. Flight delayed, almost missed, hugging him was best feeling!

@kgbearclaw Watching our son put our prayers at the Western Wall was our #MagicTravelMoment Still brings a chill.

@mariab76 The first time I ever went on a plane, it was to Vegas and flying over the Grand Canyon was amazing.

@natmmom My #MagicTravelMoment was the moment I saw my new soon-to-be son in Colombia in his foster home. Magic happened!

@martiferg #magictravelmoment Finding out we were expecting while at the beach last year. :)

@lord_vimes5 Proposing on a Portuguese mountain overlooking the sea at sunset and she said yes!

@Black_Fire79 I was in Tombstone, Arizona late at night and it started to snow. Wasn’t expecting that. Looked like a dream!

@_EricaDawn Seeing my mom waiting for me after five years of not seeing her. #MagicTravelMoment

@eleenie The day when everything was late … plane, bags, car. Walk out of the airport as the car pulls up. #Reunited

@neutkidz My #MagicTravelMoment is when I was away from my hubby and kids for a while. Seeing them again was pure magic!

@iheartmykids Watching my daughter’s face light up to see Disney On Ice.

@sweetmatcha Our helicopter ride over the lush, breath-taking landscape of Kauai.

@ctough24 ‏After a year of surgery/chemotherapy. On the beach at sunrise. Thankful to God for family and healing and the beauty I’m seeing.

@ameecq The moment that my boyfriend proposed to me at sunrise in Maui.

@SpecialRach Going 400km to my destination by rickshaw, bus and train with just smiles, hope and kindness due to the language barrier.

@LuckyLauz7 ‏This! Disneyland Paris 2011! Seeing the smile on my little boy’s face was magic.

@SaraOC230765 Can’t afford tickets to see family in Malaga, just by luck we managed to get a good deal and saw them all!

@mrmikesharman Flying back into Manchester from working anywhere – because I am then almost back home with my family.

@dublrs Last year we got to take our 13-year-old-twins on our first real family holiday to Cancun. It was amazing!

@kzarr In Saint Lucia where the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans meet!

@sarahlucy8825 Climbing Mt Tongariro and finding the energy to run most of the way down! A must-do for all. Beautiful sights.

@MaxxBpm Riding camels in Israel was one of the best experience I’ve ever had!

@PhyliciaSP Gondola ride up to the top to overlook Lake Tahoe! Scared of heights!

@andreama13 When my daughter (now a cancer survivor) went on her “wish trip” to Disney World, I still have goose bumps.

@For_Kate Breaking down on tour in the Arizona desert and hitching a ride with another tour – 16 of us in an 8 seater!

@LisaAnnNola Watching my grandkids play on the beach after travelling six hours to visit them!

@debbutterflys Being able to have family fly out to visit with us, priceless!

@f1nallyr1ch Having a well-behaved little man on my first and his first flight. Great first!

@govols111 My #MagicTravelMoment taking daughter to Disney and all characters were real to her. Nothing like seeing child meet Mickey. :)

@kelandab Watching the sunset on our honeymoon with the kids x.

@lorikeet8 First trip with my boyfriend (now hubby!). Travelling is a true test in a relationship! :)

@BallParkBlues Seeing my sister for the first time stepping off the plane. Never forget that.

@HollywoodHeathy Travelling on my honeymoon! Visiting the Mexican Rivera for the first time!

@MOM4EVEREVER Taking my mother on her first-ever flight as well as her first true holiday – no work at all.

@sdiego1717 The conductor stopped the metro on a bridge so we could see the Eiffel Tower light up.

@CAnGoNiNNy My #MagicTravelMoment was two months ago finally getting to fly for the first time in my life. Now I want to fly everywhere!

@textiff Standing at Makapuu Point, Oahu with my husband was my #MagicTravelMoment. Breathtaking and inspiring!

@CathBrad Seeing my Mama at the airport when I got off the plane, after not seeing her for a year! Priceless!

@ShannonAnne23 Seeing my grandmother’s name at Ellis Island. That was a #MagicTravelMoment.

@gracepap My #MagicTravelMoment was when we approached Yosemite and saw Half Dome for the first time. It stopped us in our tracks!

@mummycat111 Sitting with the pilot taking off from Rome to help me lose my fear of flying.

@faewings My most magical #MagicTravelMoment was flying down to see my first granddaughter for the first time! She’s so beautiful!

@DilaraLit One of my first flights was Rome to Mumbai, long for a 5-year-old. Pilot gave me a quick tour of cockpit at night.

@carley222 When I got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. So beautiful!

@hannahmdy The first time my big brother, who lives in Canada, met his nephew. Such a special holiday.

@durstslovepens My #MagicTravelMoment was standing at the feet of President Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and his words carved on the walls.

@AZcomm Climbing China’s Great Wall.

@LindseyClark20 Going to Rome one Easter and hearing the Pope giving Mass to the crowd from the Square by the Vatican.

@mrsbee1234 Seeing the Indian Ocean from Mullaloo beach in Australia for the first time! Wow!

@SooperSandy My #MagicTravelMoment was visiting Graceland and Memphis after being a fan of Elvis since I was young!

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