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  • When I'm @ someones house: the one farthest away from the crowd
  • @ the Mall: Macy's (as public bathrooms go this one is very nice)
  • If I can't make it to Macy's...JC Penney's will have to do (they recently remodeled so it is better than it was. I don't know why they didn't ask for my input???)
  • Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Monroeville has a great bathroom
  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, My fav place to vacation, their rooms have the most wonderful bathrooms

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've found you oh blog of mine...

First let me just say that I do not live with crohns disease it lives with me.

This blog is a way for me to vent about crohns to whomever cares to listen and along the way hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there. Maybe you are a family member or friend who loves me and this will help you understand what I go through. Maybe you have crohns disease and you just happened to stumble upon this blog and it helps you cope a little better knowing someone else is dealing with the same issues and understands. Whoever you are I also hope along the way that I can make you laugh about my/our disease because after all laughter is the best medicine.

Now you may have noticed that I actually started this blog in September of 2008. I posted some information about crohns disease and side effects and so on and planned to add my personal story later. I signed out and then promptly forgot where I created this blog and how to get back to it. Then as I so often do with many things I forgot that I even started a blog (I blame these lapses in memory on the large amounts of prescription drugs and anesthesia that I have been exposed to over the past 20+ years). Then recently I set up an account to view my beautiful nieces blog and a few weeks later I signed in with my other email address by mistake (yes I have been able to keep track of more than one email address) and tada there was my crohns blog. So now that I have it bookmarked I should be able to keep finding my blog after I finish this and future posts hahaha. Till then….love, peace, and where is the nearest bathroom :)

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kassandra said...

the world can never have enough info about us amazing SAPS.... glad to help ;) love ya

ps: i am the first follower but i can't find myself on your page so you can find me in your hidden follower stash